Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Inspiration - Link

I'm a geek and I devour blog posts and race reports for inspiration.  I've decided to link to some of these posts so that I can easily find them in the future (kinda like the quotes, but more in depth).  And if you stumble upon my little blog looking for inspiration you will find them too ...

Sometimes I come across a race report, paragraph or just a sentence that strikes me;

Dakota Jones, speaking about Interval training from this article on;
What’s it like? Nose running, spit flying, my vision almost eclipsing, I can feel my heartbeat in my throat. I pump my legs as hard as possible. They feel heavy, thick, swollen. Only the balls of my feet touch the road and as the incline steepens my steps seem to make no progress at all. I can feel the parts of my body that aren’t getting enough blood, like my hands growing colder, and I can feel the invigoration of oxygen in each breath. Everything in my body depending upon everything else, and I’m dying, man. This is it, I cannot keep this up but I have two more minutes and how can I go on?

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