Friday, June 14, 2013

Chasing Torie

I have been enjoying running with a running buddy.  Torie is faster than me by just enough to keep me out of breath, but not so fast that it's boring for her.  It seems to be a good match.  I've come to realize that there will not be an easy run with Torie.  Not even today, when she had a head cold and said she felt like curling up into a ball at the top of each incline.  I was still behind her by 5-10 feet.  The gap, depending on grade, is usually more like 10'... 20'... 100'.... even when she is at 60% capacity, I'm chasing Torie.

This has it's benefits.  My speed is increasing.  It's never easy, and like I mentioned, I've come to accept that there will not be a run with her that doesn't challenge me and keep me out of breath.  But I'm okay with that.  She doesn't run as often as I do so I take my easy runs when I am solo.  Or with Lola (who can't go T's fast pace nor our long distances, so she hasn't been getting as much running in).

This week, running with Torie, I had my fastest ever time - by quite a bit - on a loop that I have been doing for 10+ years.  That sure felt awesome.  I was giddy all day.

It even got me to thinking of what else might be possible...

Chasing Torie is a good thing.

Catch her if you can...