Thursday, October 24, 2013

Afterthoughts; The GHM

It's been almost two weeks since the race, in looking back here are a few thoughts;
  • The more time goes by the more positive I feel about my performance. 
  • I feel that after the wheels came off that I lost my confidence and then went into my 'survival' mode and rationed out energy.  I remember always being aware of how FAR I still had to go, rather than segmenting to each aid station.  So, it was more of a mental issue than physical.
  • Physically, my calves did flirt with cramps, but they were not as bad as last year.  I was able to run through them.  However, I am adding calf raises and stretches to my strength routine now as I believe it is a fatigue issue.  Also, need to address (ie strengthen and stretch) the achilles and foot (PF).
    • Good articles on cramps;
  • The fact that I felt SO GOOD right after the race and in the following week tells me that I did not push myself enough during the race.  But (the good news) is that it means I was better prepared physically.  

Moving forward;  Very important to continue strength training!!!    With fitness and weight loss will come faster running.  Although 'fast' is not a goal, it would be nice to move from the back of the pack to the back of the mid-pack ;)  Not sure what I can do about the mental game except continue to train and build confidence.

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