Friday, March 30, 2012

Garin Park

Today was my first real outing since the Oakland Half.... decided to scout (a mix of hiking and running) a trail in Garin park. The morning started as a bit of a fiasco, so I should have taken it as a sign... The first half mile was sloggy mud then it opened up into the rolling green hills that I love so much. Rounding the corner near the halfway point I come to a herd of cattle on the trail (I do NOT like cattle ever since a certain experience)... As I was watching them I saw what appeared to be a calf... no, too small... oh, a dog... no.. .oh. a Coyote!!... Just walking and mingling with the herd. Then he spots us (at a distance) and crosses the trail and just lays down... watching the herd and us... hmmmnn... best to turn around I think. But here comes a man on a horse, through the herd. He offers to escort me through the cattle and beyond the coyote... he tells me to keep walking and he chases the coyote further up the hill... whew... then I come across a couple of people with two golden retrievers... they tell me that there is a coyote den... they point out 'the rock', which is actually a cotyote, but looks like a rock from our distance. She is guarding her den, watching us. The man tells me a few stories about his dogs getting attacked by coyote... scary (but they are fine)... he has seen a bobcat, too... oh nature... I feel pretty vulnerable as I continue on by myself (with Lola, my Rottweiler)... we are nearing the home stretch of the trail and come across some fresh intestines... oh boy... feeling very vulnerable... We make it safely back to the car.

I think that loop will get a check mark. Done it. Although I do like Garin park and will probably explore some more trails... But I guess that is what scouting is all about... adventure..


Wild Turkeys

Cows on the trail. And, look close enough, a coyote!

fresh intestines anyone... ?

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