Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Normal

When slow change happens it morphs into the new normal.

I discovered endurance running three years ago.  At the time I didn't think I could do it.  For real.  Now a 10 mile run is, well let's say, pretty normal.

My new normal is reading race reports and blogs of ultra runners (yes, that's correct, I did not even now that term three years ago).  And volunteering at 50 and 100 mile races to... well... yes, it's true, to check them out.  I always say "I'm here for inspiration".  I've never actually spoken the words "I want to run a 100 mile race" out loud.  I'm not even sure that specific thought has manifested so clearly in my brain.

What I do know now, is that I do not know what my limits are in running.  I didn't think I could do a half marathon.  Or a full marathon.  I am struck by the idea of this new normal because I was just looking back at some of my very first blog entries.  So excited to discover that there were trail races, with several organizations.  It opened up a new world out on the trails, actual adventures.  I was downright giddy.  I forgot about all of that excitement... because it all seems so normal to me now.

I suppose we spend more time looking forward than back.  I now ask myself "How far can I run?" "What are my limits?"

That's pretty exciting. 

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