Thursday, May 23, 2013


This year is not turning out to be anything like I had hoped.  I had big plans.  But reality set in and I had to adjust.  I'm not as disappointed as I expected to be... and I think that is because I really am committed to running, for the long haul.  So it is slowly sinking in;  I'm not signed up for races but I can keep running.  Long runs.  Big goals.  Granted, races make great goals.  And that can really make a difference when the alarm goes off in the early morning, or in the latter miles of a super long run in the hills.  The thought of the race really pulls you through those tough times. 

Change has also brought about a running partner.  Torie and I met last year through Holly, another friend and running buddy.  Torie's first marathon was also the GHM.  We never trained together even though we have a couple races in common.  Torie is faster than I am.  But I'm more consistent in training.  So that is our win-win.  I get her out the door and she inspires me to go faster.  I've enjoyed the company and am very happy about running together.

My runs have not been as frequent or as long as I'd like ... but I continue to get out there... and with Torie's help, I'm knocking out some faster times.  I'm feeling good about this. 

I do hope to return to the Golden Hills Marathon to see if I can beat my time.  And I will get back on track with my 50k goal next year...

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