Monday, December 10, 2012

Uh Oh... Ultra

Today's quote is quite timely...

It's utterly amazing what the mind and spirit can cajole from the body. - Kristin Armstrong 

 A few weeks ago I entered the lottery for the Way Too Cool 50k.  After achieving my 26.2 goal and feeling pretty high and confident my sights were set ahead.  2013 would be about the 50k, the entry "ultra" distance.  Not too much further in actual distance, but leaps and bounds in bragging rights.  The one 50k that really appealed to me was the WTC but it is reported to be very difficult to get in.

So I put my name in the lottery.  Odds are I won't get in on the first try.  Then work got really busy and I stopped running for what seems an eternity.  Turns out it's only been two weeks.  But I should also confess that I have eaten like a Mid-Western American* gone bad.... There was no regulating what or how much.  Interestingly, after feeling so good recently, I really noticed how horrible my new (old) routine was making me feel.  In the back of my mind I planned on becoming much more conscious about my health in the new year.  Just let the holidays go by.

So today I get an email.  "Congratulations!  You have been selected for the 2013 Way Too Cool 50K!".


 Holy crap!  I never thought I'd actually get in.  Now I'm behind in training, I've gained body fat.

But.  There is a voice in there that says "Good.  This is what you need to get back on track."  Just do it.  Use this fear.

And this is where today's quote is apropo....

A part of my mind tells me there is no way.  But I know better now.  It will be difficult.  I will have to work hard and I will have to be dedicated and focused.  That's what a little fear is good for.    It is possible.  I think I have realistic expectations; to finish within the time limit.  I'll be in the company of some big names in the Ultra world.  There are 941 runners.  It's very exciting.

What I am bummed about is that my friend, Torie, did not get in.  She is doing really well in her training and I feel guilty that I got in and she did not.  She is on the wait list (number 85 our of 396).  Entrants will undoubtedly drop out, so there is a chance she'll get in.  If not, I think she plans on volunteering.  I hope she gets in!

Another note of interest; my landlord is in this race.  She won it last year (with the fastest female time ever). 

My head is spinning.  But I am so excited!

* Use of the term "mid- western american" is not meant to offend anyone... it's based purely on the stereotypical American diet... If you have a better analogy, please share :)

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