Friday, October 5, 2012

Golden Hills Marathon - The Countdown

That's right... it's T-minus 7 days!!  I am both nervous and excited.  When people ask me if I'm "ready" I don't even know how to answer... "as ready as I'm gonna get" that's for sure... I did my last long run today.. 10 easy miles that covered the end of the course... I wanted to have a memory of running this part.  It is the most runnable part of the entire race but by the time I get to it (mile 20) I am so worn out, beaten up and in so much pain that walking is difficult.  I will take the next week super easy, let those muscles recover!  My "plan" on race day is to push it as hard as I can... Since I have covered the course, I know that no matter what, I will be in pain... so I might as well accept it and go faster.  Considering that I was not muscle sore after any of my long runs I figure it means I can push myself much harder.  The fatigue and inflammation will probably be the same no matter what (that's my guess anyway).  I am estimated to finish in 7h17m.  When I covered the course and took it slow I did 7h40m.  I think that 7:17 is realistic and I'm secretly hoping to be as close to (or dare I say under) 7hours... we'll see... 

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