Saturday, September 15, 2012

The last long run... before GHM

My last long run was good.  I was still tired from last week.  And had some lower back issues that concerned me (from an ab workout on thursday, lesson; never do new stuff the day before a long run).   Anyway, early on I decided to not push my time and just cover the mileage, that's enough.  So that's what I did.  As I did my mental checklist of 'how am I feeling' I realized that I hurt less than I did for some of my half marathons - and this was around mile 20!... Towards the end I walked a whole bunch of very runnable terrain, knowing that on race day I would push it, but not today.   I arrived at the Marina building in 7h40m!!!  This was awesome news!  Doing what I considered to be talking it easy my time was 7:40... I originally thought it would take me 8-9 hours.  The race calculations have me at 7:17, which I think is very accurate... and, of course, on race day I would like to beat it... my goal will be 7:00 but I will be happy with anything faster than 7:40. 

There was construction at the Marina which was a bummer because it was not relaxing at all. I arrived around 2:40. I bought a water and walked up to the road and wondered who would be picking me up, my mom or my boyfriend...   My phone had died (of course) so when I asked a passerby the time and it was 3:10 I figured it must me Marcelo... I assumed my mom would be early or on time... I went to the kiosk and asked about a payphone... LOL ... he let me use their phone.

Today, again, I feel fine!  Woke up a little stiff (the kind where it feels so good to be comfy in bed!) but not sore... I attribute it to the fact that I am doing so much hiking.   And although the hills are tough, the course uses the different muscle groups, like intervals...  I'm definitely tired, and will run out of steam early today... but I feel good.  Not trashed. 

However, I will expect to feel trashed after the race as I plan to push it.  I saw through (the app I use) that Torie (with Holly) hit some of the course... but very little (they still have time)... Torie is very fast and tough, but I am very pleased with my training approach of becoming familiar with the course, even if slowly... I feel I know exactly where to hang back and exactly where to push myself... and I plan on it.  Torie is in better shape, but will she go out too hard, or in the wrong spots, or will she rip through the whole thing (this is also her first 26.2)..... I wonder. 

I was telling M that even though I was already excited about the race (obviously) now I am super excited!  I feel I have the knowledge I wanted and need.  And I can't wait to see how it unfolds!...  I won't see the course again until race day... Now is the time to taper... my longest long run will probably be around 12 miles.  My fitness level has been built up as much as it will be... My body/muscles were/are definitely feeling tired/worn... so now is the time that the body will recover... and on race day I should be able to chomp up those hills again...

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