Monday, August 13, 2012

Golden Hills Marathon Training...

The GHM... it's H.A.R.D..... I'm doing each section as a training run (out and back) and then will stitch them together for long runs in a few weeks...  The first section had what seemed to be an impossible hill until I did sections 2 and 3 on Friday (Tilden through Sibley/Huckleberry to Skyline) and OMG ... I guess it was made worse by the fact that I have to do the reverse direction as well (instead of just the direction of the race)... in fact, today turned into 80% hike and it still kicked my butt (it didn't help that I took a wrong turn and added a mile, and a tippy toe steep hill!).  I definitely have thoughts that "there's just NO WAY!" but due to the fact that there is no cutoff I am going to try... the training alone will whip me into shape...  and I'm having fun discovering new trails!

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