Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's Next?

One of the reasons that I signed up for the San Francisco Half Marathon is that I am tossing around the idea of doing a Full Marathon... and the one that speaks to me is the Bizz Johnson (put on by Coastal Trail Runs)... I look at the photos and I just want to be there!

So I decided to schedule a half right at the halfway point in training... and then make the decision depending on how I felt after the race. So that has been the big question on my mind the last week and a half. At first I was pretty pumped up, I know my time was slow, but I did it. I know I can't imagine going twice the distance, but one year ago I could not imagine going 13.1. I believe in the training programs. I think I could do it. I know I could try.

Then my boyfriend gave me his advise. Why not improve my strength and time over 13 miles before attempting 26.2 It sounded reasonable. I decided yes, that would be my plan. I made a training program. Then I felt sad. A little deflated. That would mean the Bizz Full would be 14 months away... such a long time. The last few days I have felt in a bit of a funk, and there has been some stressful life stuff happening and car troubles. I felt down, overwhelmed and out of control. I decided to go to my happy place... looking at the photos of the Bizz Johnson ... that's when it hit me I WANT TO DO THE FULL BIZZ JOHNSON THIS YEAR.... The idea made me high... happy... so I whipped out a training plan. I realize that this won't make the 'life stuff' go away or the car trouble cost me any less... but it makes me feel good. It's what I want. I want to try. I happened to read someone's blog report of the race and she was affected by the altitude.. she had to walk it.. but she had a great time!... and with a finish of 6hours 45minutes she was NOT the last person to cross. So this takes of the pressure. I can train my best. I can try.

So for now, this is the plan. Maybe it's not practical. Maybe it's premature.

But it is the plan.

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