Monday, October 25, 2010

Splish Slash!

Before: Last chance to drive home and stay dry!

Our weather turned quite wet over the weekend and after an extra day off for my 12 miler it was time to get back on track on Sunday. Usually I hike but those plans got derailed because of the rain. Inspired by two of the other runners in our group that were out doing their long run in the rain, I decided to suit up, grab the dog and go to one of my favorite trail runs!...

As I began the 3.5 mile loop a guy came down the trail soaking wet. I sensed a different kind of acknowledgment between us, out there in the rain. We didn't come across too many more people or dogs, but there seemed to be a kind of kinship for those of out there braving the elements. It kinda made me feel like part of 'the club'... a 'real' runner...

Lola wasn't real thrilled about the weather but she did good. At times it was like running in a stream as the water washed down the trail. Lots of mud. The saving grace was that it wasn't too cold. Just wet, very wet. I'm sure we looked as drenched as the guy we first saw... As I returned to the car there was a guy at his car wringing out his shirt. Made me realize that although I had brought a towel and brushes for the dog, I hadn't prepared anything for myself! Ah... lesson learned!

After: Very muddy. Very wet. But an awesome trail run in the rain!

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